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MAC STEEL has floor-type milling-boring nachine, portal-type processing center, vertical lathe, deep-hole drilling machine, nulti-drilling machine and planer, which are multi-standard, high-precision and multi-function.
MAC STEEL has a wealth of machining experience and cases, such as the processing of tube sheets, food machinery, papermaking equipment, tank storage trucks, large oil tanks, pressure vessels, etc.

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Cutting with plasma is an efficient method of slicing thin as well as thick steel plates and metal materials. Hand-held torches are able to cut steel plates as thick as 38 mm (1.5 in), and more powerful computer-controlled torches are able to slice steel as much as 150 mm (6 in) thick. Given that plasma cutters can generate an extremely hot and Plasma Cutting in the California - Hansen Steel ServicesOur expertise in metal cutting and steel plate cutting, services the Los Angeles area of California and surrounding states. Our facility hosts four plasma cutting machines which are capable of cutting up to 2 1/2" thick materials. This equipment includes:18' x 45' w/ a single HT2000. 14' x 53' w/ dual HT4000's. 10' x 40' Hy-def w/ dual HPR260's. plasma cutting machine for stainless steel sheet steelsCNC Plasma Cutter for aluminum,stainless steel cutting . A CNC plasma cutter is a CNC metal cutting machine that uses plasma torch to cut different kinds of metal materials to different shapes,such as Stainless steel,Carbon steel,steel,aluminium,brass,Galvanized sheet,etc.The plasma torch moves in a very path directed by a Computer. Plasma Cutting - Charles Day SteelsHigh-definition plasma profiling has the advantage over flame cutting due to its ability to profile stainless steel and aluminium alongside a vast array of carbon steels. Our twin-head plasma cutting machine offers a cutting bed 12m x 5m and is an ideal choice for large sheets requiring a higher accuracy edge squareness than flame cutting. Metal Sheet - O'Neal SteelSheet is typically easy to form, machine, and weld. The ease of workability, customization options, and strength of this metal make it one of the most common shapes used in industries ranging from construction to marine. At ONeal Steel, we supply aluminum, hot rolled, cold-finished, stainless, and alloy sheet metal to meet your specifications. CNC Plasma cutting Irwin MachineCNC plasma cutting is especially cost effective for thick metal sheets of stainless steel and carbon steels. Some of the many applications include custom brackets, a variety of parts for heavy earth moving equipment, decorative signs, flat panels, and more. There are many advantages to CNC plasma cutting. Give us a call to discuss your application. Global Steel and Flamecutting Flame & Plasma CuttingFlame & Plasma Cutting Flamecutting We have 3 CNC Multi-torch Oxy-fueled burning machines with 10' x 40', 10' x 60' & 12' x 60' capacity ensure the precision and absolute repeatability for ferrous steels up to 10 thick, that meet your most stringent requirements. Making sense of metal cutting technologies

  • Rules For The ComparisonTechnologies Used in The ComparisonTime to CompareTwo parts were selected for the metal cutting comparison. Part A (see Figure 1) was a rectangular plate with three internal holes. Part B (see Figure 2) was a sprocket part with one internal hole. Both parts were cut from mild steel and aluminum at varying thicknesses:16 gauge (0.060 in.), 1/2 in., and 1 in. For the basis of this comparison, operating costs included consumables, gas, electricity, and planned maintenance. Labor costs were not included because wages differ dramatically across the U.S. Capital Plasma Cutting Service - Neils SteelsWe offer CNC plasma cutting services for sheet metal. We use a 2-axis plasma cutter, the RUR 2500, which makes it possible to produce parts of any complexity applicable for this fabrication method. The cut parts can be post-processed upon request with coating, heat-treatment and others. There are multiple ways of requesting a quotation for our Comparing Laser Cutting vs Plasma Cutting Tymetal
    • Laser CuttingPlasma CuttingAn Overview of Laser CuttingAn Overview of Plasma CuttingIn short, plasma cutting is a technique used to cut through conductive metals, such as steel, brass, titanium, copper, aluminum, and more. Plasma cutting is not just done in metal fab shops using large CNC plasma cutting machines. It can also be done by hand using a hand-held plasma torch, or sometimes referred to as a plasma arc, plasma cutter, or plasma gun. However, as might be expected, since CNC plasma metal cutting machines use automation to guide the path of the torch, this cutting mUsed Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery - KD Capital EquipmentUsed Plasma Cutters. Thermal cutting is used for the shape cutting of steels. Thermal or burning machines are probably one of the oldest forms of metal shape cutting short of the physical hammering/sawing/hacking methods. Either an Oxy-Fuel mix or the newer Plasma technology is employed to burn/melt materials up to and even over 6 thick. What is the best way to cut steel?In order to cut accurately and effectively, operators need to have excellent technical skills in the process in a timely manner to avoid cutting the sheet metal deformation. Laser cutting:Laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel 4mm, add oxygen to the laser beam cutting 20mm thick carbon steel, but oxygenated after cutting in cutting thin Steel-and-metal-fabrication Poland EuropagesSteels and metals - forming and cutting (147) Turning - steels and metals (14) Milling - steels and metals (6) Steel & Metal Transformation (3) Machine tools - metal machining (1) Heat treatment of steels and metals (30) Steels and metals - welding and brazing (125) Steel (116) Cutting - steels and metals (3) Galvanization - steels and metals (9) Cutting Facilities - Services - Kens Metal Industries Ltd Plasma CNC is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. The basic process involves creating an electrical channel of superheated, electrically ionized gas i.e. plasma from the plasma cutter itself, through the work piece to be cut, thus forming a completed electric circuit back to the plasma cutter via a grounding clamp. Sheet metal cutting:An overview of thermal cutting Feb 17, 2020 · Cutting sheet metal with a laser. A laser cutting machine for sheet metal consists of three main components:a laser beam source, a laser beam guide and a processing head (focusing optics) with a cutting nozzle. In systems such as the YAG laser, a fiber laser or a disk laser, the laser beams reach the processing head via fiber optic cables. laser cutting machine for acrylic sheet steels - Frez Acrylic Laser Cutting Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine laser cutting machine for acrylic sheet steels. Our CO2 laser cutting machines are ideal for industry and education and they can be used to cut a diverse range of materials, including acrylic, but were happy to guide you through each of the models and their many features in more detail.

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